5G AIoT 4X712X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera

Next Generation Video Surveillance Leveraging 5G, IoT and AI



Smart IR 11 (Combining the High Beam and Low Beam to adjust IR intensity to fit different lighting conditions.)

P2P (Remotely access the camera using 5G network via P2P with hassle-free setup and easy connection.)

100 fps High Frame Rate (Camera can easily catch images with no latency despite of the high-speed movement.)

0.002Lux Starlight (Deliver high detailed color images even in low light environment reaching 0.002Lux.)

140dB Super WDR (Excellent performance even when the ratio of the luminosity of brightest and darkest is up to 140dB.)

HLC (High Light Compensation. lmproving image visibility under strong light sources.)

Defog (Defog technology. Restoring clear images in hazy and foggy weather.)

lntegrated Cable Management (Combining the power interface, PoE port. and other interfaces in the base neatly.)

Smart Stream (Bandwidth, storage and bit rate are saved with Smart Stream On, eg, H.265+ saves 70%~80% bandwidth that of H.264.)

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